About Clinic

Welcome To Ultra Clinic

Ultraclinic is the first fetal medicine centre outside Kolkata, established on 2017 by joint initiative of Dr. Prasanna Roy and Dr.Shankar Dey. Located at Kumarpur, Asansol, Ultraclinic aims of providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for women in general and specially for pregnant women who requires the concept of fetal medicine as practised worldwide. With well-qualified doctors, Ultraclinic focuses on efficient, reliable and personalized health care to women.

The centre offers a whole range of services covering fetal scans and procedures, genetic services, gynaecological and obstetric services . It is dedicated not only to the developing fetus and the health of the mother but also provides personal counselling that includes detailed interactions of the prospective parents with the doctors.

Apart from pregnancy services , Ultraclinic also provides Invasive intervention services like Amniocentesis. Specialised screening for possibilities of genetic abnormalities by NT scan as recommended by Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK.

Our Specialization are in :
  • Fetal Echocardiography
  • Early Screening and diagnosis of Fetal Abnormalities.
  • Genetic Amniocentasis
  • Pre conceptional counselling and prenatal counselling for fetal complications
  • First and second trimester aneuploidy screening
  • Colposcopy
  • Immunization related to women's health
  • All gynaecological consultation
  • Infertility management
  • Folliculometry